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July 5, 2021



In today’s times, staying connected has become essential. Now more than ever, businesses need to secure their connections, to ensure that production experiences no downtime, and their workforce is able to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.


The Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center, or better known as Cisco DNA Center, is an intent-based networking solution designed to simplify the way you manage your network to optimize your investment and reduce your IT costs.


This solution is more than just a single dashboard for easy network management. The Cisco DNA Center offers three key benefits that every organization should know:


1. It guarantees faster deployment through a high-performance wireless infrastructure optimized to cope with the demanding applications enabling you to service your users anytime, anywhere.


2. The Cisco DNA Center is also designed to work intelligently when responding to changes and challenges, which helps minimize downtime when assessing issues to troubleshoot and generating analytics.


3. Lastly, with its AI/ML, this solution is proactive when it comes to reducing risks as it rapidly detects, contains, and secures your network infrastructure.


Your tech experts at Trends can help integrate this solution for your organization—so you can focus on what matters most—achieving your goals and targets.


By adopting a holistic end-to-end network management system like Cisco DNA Center, you can effectively and efficiently manage your workflows.



Flexibility with Licensing


Organizations can choose among different subscription tiers to address specific goals and needs.


What’s more, subscriptions can be purchased via Cisco’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) which affords organizations to fulfill business requirements and still have room to expand with streamlined licensing and consolidated subscriptions.


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Trends offers the Cisco Enterprise Agreement for DNA Center to help mitigate the intricate process of license renewals, so you can maximize your investment even more. Learn more click the button to contact Trends.

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