Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cisco Enterprise Agreement

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June 09, 2021



More Value, Less Complications with Cisco Enterprise Agreement


Enterprises can now manage software portfolios without the intricacies and complications of traditional licensing.


Through Trends, a tech-enabled solutions provider, and Cisco’s Enterprise Agreement (EA), organizations can simplify software licensing for Cisco solutions and enable greater flexibility in the long term.


Enterprises can now manage software portfolios without the intricacies and complications of traditional licensing.In contrast with the traditional ala carte purchase, EA offers a way to streamline licenses by consolidating multiple subscriptions, renewal dates, and partners. These are normally required to manage software licenses down to one subscription, with one renewal date, purchased through a single partner.



Easy to buy, consume, and manage


With the simplified licensing, organizations can address business requirements and still have room to expand using the same agreement. As an example, with EA, an enterprise company with 38,000 clients can save up to 2.4 million USD in over 6 years.


EA features a single cross-architecture agreement that spans multiple technology portfolios and unique values within each enrollment. This comes with a single 3 or 5-year agreement which enables financial predictability through flexible pricing.


Additionally, Cisco is the only organization that offers True Forward, a feature that enables no retroactive billing and allow on-demand deployment for instant access to the licenses needed.

EA also provides one workspace for visibility of all licenses procured, deployed, and up for renewal for every contract. This includes co-termination of software subscriptions to save time in managing renewals.


Cisco’s EA feature a building-block approach and covers software enrollments for DNA, data center, collaboration, and security solutions and services.


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