Cisco HyperFlex

Cisco HyperFlex

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July 5, 2021



If a company envisions to stay competitive in tomorrow’s technology landscape, it is necessary to leave the legacy infrastructure of traditional datacenters and move towards the simplicity of hyperconvergence.


Through tech expert Trends and Cisco HyperFlex—a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform, organizations can take a step closer to digital transformation.


HyperFlex Overview


The HyperFlex platform allows enterprises to deploy applications from core to edge and multicloud. This infrastructure combines the entire data center stack and creates flexible building blocks that cover compute, storage, networking, and virtualization.


It also powers mission-critical applications, databases, and covers a multitude of improvements for businesses including core data center, edge, and multi-cloud environment solutions.


Core Data Center, Edge, and Multi-Cloud


HyperFlex upgrades the performance needed to modernize platforms and to enable consistency in enterprise communications.


For edge solutions, HyperFlex covers remote or branch office environments, real time business intelligence, and even flexible node configurations for companies to start small and scale as needed.


The flexibility the solution affords enable workload optimization and application performance monitoring essential for hybrid cloud environments.



Flexibility with Licensing


Organizations can choose among different subscription tiers to address specific goals and needs.


What’s more, subscriptions can be purchased via Cisco’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) which affords organizations to fulfill business requirements and still have room to expand with streamlined licensing and consolidated subscriptions.


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Explore Cisco HyperFlex with TRENDS


These are just some of HyperFlex’s core benefits. If you’re interested to learn more about the full solution, send us your inquiries or message your clarifications. Learn more click the button to contact Trends.

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