Dell PowerStore and PowerEdge


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with Dell PowerStore and PowerEdge

July 9, 2021



Effective digital transformation entails a strong commitment to IT optimization.


A shift to a fast-moving digital economy has triggered the need to address larger volumes of data. As a result, organizations are compelled to keep up with the pace so they may remain at the forefront of their industries.


How do we stay future-ready in the age of data? Tech-expert Trends offers a way to start with powered up storage and server solutions.


PowerStore Storage Solutions


PowerStore is Dell’s answer to the future of storage appliance. Dell’s infrastructure facilitates storage efficiency through data-centric design, intelligent automation, and adaptability.


The solution is designed to maximize storage efficiency and system performance capable of delivering up to seven times more IOPS and three times lower latency compared with previous generations.


With intelligent automation, PowerStore simplifies management and system resource and enable proactive health analytics.


In addition to speed and mobility, this solution offers a single flexible architecture that allows virtualized hosting of user applications directly on the appliance and seamless integration into the ecosystem.


PowerEdge Enterprise Systems Portfolio


Dell PowerEdge servers cover the foundation of an enterprise systems portfolio which includes storage, networking, software, management and services.


With new in-server Flash configurations, PowerEdge accelerates application performance including data analytics, databases, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management. These servers hold the distinction as the best integration in the industry with VMware Cloud Foundation.


Aside from better application performance, PowerEdge improves data center efficiency and systems management operations through new levels of automation and embedded intelligence.


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