5 ways Cisco DNA Center solves your challenges

Boosting business potential with agility and visibility

January 13, 2022



There’s one solution that can help you tackle your immediate challenges and prepare for the future. Trends and Cisco introduces you to the power of Cisco DNA Center. See how intent-based networking puts you on the path toward a multidomain architecture.


1. Optimize the user experience

Welcome to faster troubleshooting, minimized downtime, and a better experience for your users. Improve your user experience with visibility on all devices and gain insights into every network device and your clients.

2. Embed security everywhere

Instantly detect day-zero malware and find threats even in encrypted traffic. Ensure comprehensive visibility and trusted access everywhere on your network with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Cisco Stealthwatch.

3. Automate device provisioning

Say goodbye to manual device configuration and save time, money, and headaches through automated adds, changes, policy provisioning, and upgrades.

4. Simplify operations

Deploy new capabilities and address PSIRTs (Product Security Incident Response Teams) faster than ever. Upgrade network performance with software image management and all-time check-up to help prevent adverse effects from software upgrades.

5. Centralize policy across multiple network domains

Highly secure access is just a few clicks away. Use Cisco DNA Center to take the information collected in a policy and translate it into network- and device-specific configurations required by the different types, makes, models, operating systems, roles, and resource constraints of your network devices.


Explore Cisco DNA Center with Trends

Trends features only a glance of the full potential of Cisco DNA Center here. These benefits are just the beginning of what the advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in Cisco DNA Center can do as the command center of your intent-based network.