hpe aruba

Stay secure and connected anytime, anywhere

September  15, 2021



Business enterprises can now achieve strengthened edge-to-cloud security and connection


In this fast-changing and ever-competitive business environment, optimized workplace is a must-have. Trends as technology-enabled solution provider, together with, HPE Aruba brings forth Edge Services Platform (ESP) offering seamless, secure, and flexible dynamic workplace that empowers workforce as they traverse through a future-proof work setup.

HPE Aruba is recognized by the world’s biggest companies in providing secure, AI-powered edge services platforms that span across wide geographic work landscapes. The addition of ESP fortifies business operations with boosted network performance ensuring employees’ safety and productivity at the same time.


HPE Aruba ESP has powerful tools to upgrade your hybrid workplace setup.


  1. Integrate Edge Connect and SD Branch to implement a SASE strategy.
  2. Adopt HPE Aruba infrastructure to facilitate Zero Trust best practices.
  3. Implement management and visibility of operation and security teams through Policy Enforcement Firewall.
  4. Assign roles and the associated IT access rights with ClearPass Policy Manager.
  5. Discover and profile IoT with ClearPass Device Insight.



Modernize your workplace with enhanced security and connection with HPE Aruba ESP. Achieve full integration of this solution with Trends. For more details or inquiries, contact Trends.