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Staying Smart with Storage

August 12, 2021



An influx of data in the modern age demands a smarter way to deal with large amounts of information.


This situation brings forth challenges for businesses to reimagine storage management, application performances, and accommodate increasingly complex workloads. Organizations are left with a question: How can we redefine mission-critical storage with cloud-like agility and mission-critical capabilities?


Innovative tech solutions provider, Trends, and HPE has a simple answer—start with Primera.


Superior simplicity, availability, and performance


With predictive and preventive capabilities, HPE Primera offers a novel way of accelerating application performance, and consequently enabling agility of operations. This is especially important in today’s trend where companies sacrifice agility for reliability. With Primera, organizations can enable both in one package.


This new generation of enterprise storage delivers ultra-low latency. It adopts the industry’s most advanced platform for operations, HPE InfoSight, to reduce the time it takes for storage management by up to 93 percent.


HPE’s storage solution also offers consumer-grade experience and allows ease of installment and management. With a self-setup that allows self-tuning and automatic upgrades, it brings less disruption for applications. Data reduction is built-in and always-on but there is always the flexibility to turn it off.


In addition, its service-centric OS also decouples data services, which allows for independent upgrade and deployment.


For organizations who have their sights on innovating their storage solutions, Trends, a proven and trusted tech-enabled solutions provider, can help guide your way.


For inquiries about HPE Primera, you may contact Trends by sending a message via http://www.trends.com.ph/contact.html