Service Providers

Trends offers technology-enabled business services to providers of telecommunications and processing services in the Philippines. We accommodate all business-to-business companies that offer mobile and fixed line telecommunications services, as well as broadband networks and other internet service providers.

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Financial Institutions and Government

We provide services to banks, insurance companies, stock exchange, and other financial organizations in the Philippines. We are able to assist in the digital transformation or future-proofing of the earliest technology adapters in the financial industry. Our services and solutions are also available for the use of government organizations across the country.

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Contact Centers

We handle all requests from contact centers and other business process outsourcing organizations. We offer an entire portfolio of services and solutions to ensure the security of both inbound and outbound communications.

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Enterprise Businesses

Trends caters to all types of conglomerates across verticals, such as education, manufacturing, semiconductors, retail & distribution, and services industry. Also included are groups under hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and utilities, logistics, and transport industries.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Aside from enabling IT for enterprises, we also cater to non-subsidiary, independent firms which employ fewer employees.

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