Timely and S.A.F.E. technology for your business needs

Adapt to the new normal today!

Keeping your organization ahead of the curve in the time of a pandemic can be a challenge. Not only do you need to comply with government policies, you must also adapt your company policies to ensure business continuity.

With Trends Secure Access for Everybody (S.A.F.E.), organizations can address evolving demands quickly and efficiently. Through this tech-enabled solution, companies can keep health and safety a priority while securing your business operations.

Here are the features included in the service.


Health Questionnaire

Trends S.A.F.E. comes with paperless and contactless health checks to save time and reduce administrative costs.


Biometrics and AI Thermodetector

With fast and accurate detection and mask recognition, organizations can ensure shorter queues and less personnel needed to maximize efficiency.


Access Control Process

Customizable features and an easy registration and processing allows flexibility to meet your specific needs.

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