Thank you, Westcon Philippines, for giving your seal of approval on all our efforts in FY 2018! We'd like to congratulate all teams that worked to get the (1) RENEWAL PARTNER AUTHORITY (Best Renewal Partner) award, which recognizes our high sales revenue for product renewal. Likewise, we celebrate bagging the (2) TECHNICAL KNOCK-OUT OF THE YEAR (Top Partner) award, which acknowledges that we have provided the best support for Westcon’s products and services. These awards belong to everyone behind Trends and Technologies, Inc. Such recognition offers a huge boost to our sense of community and morale.

Help you company adapt to the new normal today. Email us at info@trends.com.ph for more details.


We'd also like to congratulate individuals from our Sales and Technical teams that brought home the following:

(3) GUI MASTER OF THE YEAR (Technical Engineer of the Year) - Harryz Pallanan

(4) PRODUCT ACE OF THE YEAR (Product Manager of the Year) - Miko Santos

(5) APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR (Sales of the Year) - Connie Landicho

(6) GAME BOOSTER OF THE YEAR (Business Development Manager of the Year) - Winston Cabigas

Thank you to the pillars of our organization for pushing us a little harder each time. Congratulations again to all!

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